Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cookin' an art!!!

Hellooooooo there!!!

Have you guys ever wondered why u r not able to make your favourite food the way your mommy makes? even after following her instructions or any cookin' blog religiously? The answer is simple; EXPERIENCE! each n every one of u will one day b able to make those mouth-watering dishes @ the best of its tastes once u try makin it till u become an expert.. :) how do I knw.. cuz I also was not a born cook but gained gradually... and b sure that u have a very good food admirer and criticiser to know whether ur improving or deteriorating... and Im lucky, I've my hubby... a complete food lover! :) So guys, why I am sayin this is anyone and everyone who is good with cooking, who has tried cookin at times in a giffy and cudint get gr8 comments and also who hasn't even tried cooking, can cum over to my world... Now, how would I be different from any of my other friends who help you thru cooking blogs? I would give you a step-by-step, detailed version of my cooking, with pics wherever required. Now, if you still feel there's any sort of ambiguity, shoot! I wud always b at ur service! And also, I wud always look forward for ur valuable reviews and suggestions... I assure, I can give you sum of the bestest recipes... which includes traditional cuisines and also, my versions of those dishes..which has been gr8 BOXOFFICE HITS !

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