Monday, May 3, 2010

Yummy milk shake - mom's version!

Remember, during college days, almost everyone wud've given treats n taken, and often, that wud b milk shakes, puffs, sandwiches, samosas, cool drinks, etc.. right? it was quick that milk shakes took the place of cool drinks and became an instant hit.. Even though u had to spend much more than cool drinks on shakes, u wud, for the yummy delicious shakes isn't it?.. and thats how we started getting different versions of milk shakes at home.. A shake called 'sharjah'(cant guess how the name came up!) was the first hit acc. to my memory.. That used to be white in colour and my mom 'discovered' this recipe to replace sharjah, and I luv this, try out, it has mother's love in abundance :)...

Ingredients :

Frozen milk : 1/2 a litre pack
Sugar : 7 tbspns
Horlicks : 5 tbspn
Ripe bananas (njalippoovan, the ones u find in wedding receptions): 3 nos.
Crushed groundnut : 100g
Vanilla essence : 1/4 tspn
5 cubes of ice
  • Dry roast groundnut and crush them along with sugar. 
  • Crush the frozen milk into small pieces to get it blended easily, preferably without opening the cover containing milk. Open and take out the crushed milk after its done.
  • Dissolve horlicks or any milk powder of ur choice in a little water separately and keep aside.Or u may just use condensed milk to save the process of dissolving in water.
  • Take the canister of ur blender and put bananas, each cut into two. Add crushed milk, groundnut sugar mix, dissolved horlicks, ice cubes and then vanilla essence over it, preferably in this order. Blend until the ice cubes get crushed, becomes frothy smooth n fluffy. Add more sugar if required. 
  • Garnish with dry fruits of ur choice, cut into small pieces or some cherry. OHHH!!! THIS IS HEAVENLY!!!
Note : May replace milk powder with bournvita or boost too to get a chocolaty flavour! I guess every keralite's mom wud have different versions of sharjah n abudhabi n all.. however, this one is also not too ordinary to be ignored! Guaranteed!

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