Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vermicelli Pudding / Semia Payasam

Im sure almost all of us wud have had this at any point in our lives; be it birthday, festival or jus any day when u 'felt' like having Vermicelli pudding aka semia payasam. Actually, for Keralites, payasam means semia payasam. Its like THE brand name for payasams. That shows the popularity! 

Today is my mom-in-law's b'day and I made semia payasam.. Its usually her who makes payasam when its any of the family members' birthday. So, this one goes to her on behalf of all of us:)! 


Vermicelli : 100g
Milk : 1 1/2 litre
Milk powder : 1 tbspn
Sweetened condensed milk : 1 tspn (to garnish)
Ghee : 50g
Sugar : 5 tbspn or as per preference
Cashew : a handful
Seedless golden raisins : 20-25 nos.
Crushed cardamom : 3 nos. 
Salt : a few drops / a pinch

We get plain n roasted vermicelli at supermarkets. If u have bought the roasted one, u just need to stir it with ghee to get them completely coated. I bought the plain one. Hence, those with plain vermicelli, follow me!
  • Break the vermicelli into 1 inch pieces (better break it inside the cover itself cuz otherwise, it would be all over ur kitchen!). 
  • Heat 3/4th of the ghee in a pan and fry cashews and raisins until slightly decoloured and remove them. 
  • Put the vermicelli into it n roast them until golden in low flame stirring continuously n keep aside. 
  • Pour the milk along with sugar into a bowl n bring to boil; under low flame. Also, add milk powder mixed in a little water, onto it. Actually, its advisable to boil it in a pressure cooker under low flame until 3 whistles.You will see that the milk has reduced in volume and has developed a slight pinkish colour and has become thicker. 
  • Put the roasted vermicelli in milk and keep on stirring to avoid lumps. Now, cover n cook the vermicelli for about 15-20 minutes under low flame. Check sugar n add more if required.
  • Add about 5-7 drops of salt or sprinkle a pinch so that u do not feel dizzy cuz of sweetness!
  • Add the fried cashews n raisins. Add crushed cardamom n mix well. Pour the condensed milk over to garnish. Switch off the stove. 
However, I advise u to wait for about 20 minutes more before u serve payasam cuz there is something called 'paathrabhaagam' in malayalam which simply means keeping the payasam in the bowl for some more time since that would give it a much greater taste.

I would definitely like all my frnds to know one of my personal favourites; which is adding Tapioca Pearls/Chowwari/Sabodana (soaked in water and cooked) to milk (3rd step). This would make the payasam thicker n gives a different flavour. Try that too n let me know which one stole ur hearts! :)

Anyways, the semia payasam turned out well.. and I wud luv to knw how was urs! Take care!

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